Well, due to some recent events, we’ve had to make some changes around here and although they are temp, it does effect everyone both here at Freaky Tee’s and our customers as well. For the foreseeable future it’s gonna be a bit of a time warp when it comes to the shrits, and might I add ONLY the shirts. But unlike how we’ve been doing them, we will be bringing out the old silk screening equipment. Now let me stress that the mugs and hats will still be done by way of sublimation and as soon as we replace some equipment we lost late last week the shirts will be back being done that way as well. This of course will increase by a few days our production time, from the avg, of 1 day to about 4 days. But be it known that I have put over 13 years in this company and I am not about to stop now. In fact, although for most companies business has been flat, ours has grown in overall sales this year. Seems that everytime those morons in D.C. fuck up, it drives people to vent their anger by way of what their t=shirts says. And we are happy to provide that outlet.

As you can also see, there are some new designs that will be added to the site right after this is posted. Personally, with everything that has been going on these past few months, I think they more than reflect the mood of most people, and if there are some that take offense, screw em if they can’t take a joke.