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As of tonight our production problems are solved!! And by the end of this week we will have cleared ALL of our back orders!! I think tonight I’ll get a good nights sleep which I haven’t gotten in almost a month.


As some might know we have been having production problems for the past months and have a lot of back orders. Been working my ass off to fix the problem and hoopefully by the end of this week we will be back to full speed.

Of course just getting over freakin broncitis hasn’t helped any. I seem to get the damn shit for 16 out of the last 18 years. For anybody with orders that they haven’t gotten yet, please bear with us awhile longer. The good news is that anyone on that list will be getting and extra shirt free of charge as a way of making it up to you.

On the lighter side, came across this today and it gave me the first laugh of the day, hope it does for you as well. When I read it I thought to myself that that’s harder than it sounds for good minions are hard to find these days. anyway, enjoy and I will update this at the end of the week if not before.