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Well, although it worn’t happen for a while yet. There maybe a short interruption of our website come Feb. 2012. Right now we have our site through Microsoft Office Live, and we have been very pleased with it. But, come Feb. 2012, Microsoft will shut it down in favor of their new Microsoft 365 service. Which unlike Office Live isn’t free.

Now, I don’t mind paying for our website, hell it would only be $72.00 for Gods sake. But, from what I understand, we will have to manually move the whole site over which being that by then we could have 700+ designs on there, will be a real bitch to transfer everything. Let me reassure everyone that we will be here, I am hoping to start the move in January 2012 and have it done within 3 weeks. We have had the site for several years and it has been a really good way to be in contact with our customers and to do our sales with.

I found this out while trying to put a like button for facebook on the site. Seems you have to have the upgrade to 365 to be able to do it. So that will have to wait for a few more months. In the mean time, as of today we now have 666 design on site with the inclusion of the 2 new ones below, enjoy.


Well so far I’ve read reports about one woman pepper spraying a crowd of shoppers just so she could get to what she wanted and one women getting tasered by the cops and busted. bot happened at a wally world. Which shouldn’t be surprising being the type of shopper they get. I cashiered for them for a while once and you wouldn’t believe the people, the CRAZY people, that I saw come through. Including one woman that picked up whatever it was I forget, and throw it at her friend just because the friend was a little short on money and had asked her to put one thing back. So if you think that being a shopper is bad this time of year, think about what the cashiers have to go through.

And now, today’s designs.

Let the Madness Begin!

Well, Thanksgiving is now over. And the madness of the xmas shopping season is now upon us. Our oldest, who lives right down the street, was intending to go to Wally World at midnight. Why anyone in their right mind would shop this early is beyond me. I don’t even start my xmas shopping til 2 weeks before xmas for things are cheaper then than they are now. But to tell that to a die hard shopper is simply a waste of time. They are addicted to being “sheeple” and obeying what wall street tells them they “Need” as opposed to what their needs really are. I believe the same as my grandfather did, that if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it and if you do need it then save for it. He did very good by that, for he never made it past 7th grade, never had a credit card and yet when he died back in 1975 he had a house worth $75,000(which in 75 was almost unheard of a house in this town being that much money) $250,000 in the bank and around 500 shares of stock in AT&T which is where he had worked for 41 years. Not bad for a 7th grade drop out.

Anyway, it’s past 4 in the morning and have had 3 hours of sleep and I am now wide awake. Only did 2 new designs yesterday, so much for not working, which are already on the site.

I think I’ll take today off

Well, so far this month I’ve posted 50 new designs to the site in almost every category. Most of which has been in the past week and a half. So, think being that this is thanksgiving, will take the day off being that I have a turkey to cook. I don’t know how others cook theirs, but I inject a whole box of chicken broth in it as well as use a lot of spices. That way it is moist and tastes really good. I hate a dry, tasteless bird.

Another design binge

Well, it’s been a day since the last binge ended, of which 23 new designs were created, and now tonight 9 more. bringing the combined total output this past week to 33 new designs, the most in a single week since last summer. What triggers such things? Why do certain people like myself have such creative spurts? I have yet to figure out and I hope I never do.

Well, so far this week I’ve posted 18 new designs to the site with a few more left to do. This is my first “Design Binge” since last summer and it feels so good.

Last night our spooks were active again. Ever since last week when one of them said good night to Catherine, they have been more active than usual. Last night they were talkin to each other but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Had I done a session then I know I would have gotten something but I want to wait until December 5th which will be the 1st anniversary of Grannys passing over. I remember when I was a kid being told that I had the gift and that I could sense and hear things that shall we say “leaked” through from the other side. But when I got older, That part of me tended to turn itself off. and wasn’t reawakened until we lived on Dunbar. Why it awakened I don’t know, other than the fact that it was while we lived there that I started doing EVP sessions again. Whatever the reason, it seems as though it has refined itself, and that Michael has the gift, or curse, depending on your point of view, to see and interact with those who have passed over to the other side of life.

He was walking the hall again

Last night after the kids went to bed I was making myself some mac and cheese when I heard the boot steps from here in the hall again. The ones that built this house were named Frank and Dolly, and I am pretty sure that they are the ones that I’ve heard as well as seen. I would love to get a picture or even video of them but so far only a few evp’s as well as interaction with both the flashlight and the K2 meter.

Anyway, here is the latest new designs, they and some others that I am working on will go on the site later today. Enjoy.

Below is a link to the story about a 84 yr old woman who was pepper sprayed at the OWS/Seattle march. Any man who would pepper spray an 84 yr old woman is in my book a freakin coward. A lot of people think that the OWS movement is made up of only kids that live in their parents basement and hippes. I got news for them, a lot of them are my age, 49, or older. And just like the younger people, we are freakin fed up with what the rich and the CONserviTWITS are doing in this country. Not only that, there is now new groups forming that support the occupy movement, if you go and do a seach on facebook, you will find that the are elements of the Army, Navy, Aor Force & the Marines all with pages supporting the OWS! The question is, will those morns in Washington listen ans take heed? Or will they keep turning a blind eye and in doing so ensure a second American Civil War?

All quite tonight

So far tonight our spooks have been quite. They are a very respectful bunch. I remember when I was a kid living on Huy Road my bedroom was right off the hall. A lot of times at night I would either see what looked like a woman go by or find that she was standing next to my bed. Which always confused me because we were the original owners of the house. Years later, after my mother had had a stroke, me and Jacob went over and did an evp session in the basement. At the time I fully expected to hear a woman’s voice, but the voice we recorded was a mans.

Before we moved here where we’re at now, we lived over on Dunbar. In a double. The spirit there called herself “Kelly” and at times played a prank or two. One night when we were watchin T.V she flipped the switch on and turned on the kitchen light. I myself saw the light switch move.

I have only encountered one time what I would call a truly evil spirit and that was in the late 70’s. I have always felt that your average ghost is neither good or evil. But rather just a person living their live on a slightly different plain of what we call reality. A plain that we all will someday enter.

Well, now for todays designs, enjoy.

For those who believe in the afterlife, I hate using the word paranormal, the best site that I’ve found is Ghost Village. You can see pictures that others have taken as well as EVP’s that people have posted (including myself) as well as a chatroom and whats called “Ghost Radio”.

I said that I hate using the word “paranormal” and that’s because I view the afterlife as very normal. I myself have been prononced dead 3 times in my life, grew up in a hunted house and lived in 2 in the past 10 years including the one were in now. I have recorded them both as EVP’s as well as on film. Samples of which I will post below. Everyone has a moment though that set them on the course of not just believing in ghosts but in actively seeking them out and this is what did it for me.

Being that it won’t allow me to add the evp files, you can click on the link below and it will take you to them.

In 1975 I was 13, and in May of that year I lost my grandparent’s on my mothers side. What made it heartbreaking was in between them dying was they’re 53 wedding anniversary. My grandmother died first, she had a massive heart attack. And 13 days later, my Grandfather died. About a week after that I received a phone call that I will never forget. One the other end was a womans voice, she was saying that she would always be there, would always watch over me, after a couple minutes, it dawned on me that the person on the other end was my grandmother. As soon as it hit me who it was, static began to build up on the line and her voice grew ever more faint and sounding as though she was getting father away until all that could be heard was the static itself. The whole call lasted for only 5 minutes if that. But it lead me on a life long pursuit of investigation of the afterlife.