Tonight, started as a very normal night, me and the kids were watching T.V. in the living room while Juliet was upstairs here in the bedroom on facebook. Alittle after 9, the two oldest went up to bed. A few mins later, their little sister, Catherine who is 6, said “I am going to bed, goodnight.” And as soon as she said that, someone as if standing right behind me said “Goodnight” now I know what your thinking, that I mistook it for the T.V., but the antenna is a bit screwed up and every so often the sound cuts out and it was cut out when this happened. And didn’t come back for another 10 seconds. This voice was so load and clear I thought at first that someone was inside the house!

Now, we have lived here for going on 2 years, and this is not the first time weird shit has happened. But, it is the first time that a voice has been heard so clear without doing a EVP session.

So wjo are our ghosts? Well the 3 full timers I can only guess where past owners, but the one part timer is my mother who died here last year of a massive stroke. Do we mind them, hell no. It is there house after all.

below is todays new designs…enjoy.