For those who believe in the afterlife, I hate using the word paranormal, the best site that I’ve found is Ghost Village. You can see pictures that others have taken as well as EVP’s that people have posted (including myself) as well as a chatroom and whats called “Ghost Radio”.

I said that I hate using the word “paranormal” and that’s because I view the afterlife as very normal. I myself have been prononced dead 3 times in my life, grew up in a hunted house and lived in 2 in the past 10 years including the one were in now. I have recorded them both as EVP’s as well as on film. Samples of which I will post below. Everyone has a moment though that set them on the course of not just believing in ghosts but in actively seeking them out and this is what did it for me.

Being that it won’t allow me to add the evp files, you can click on the link below and it will take you to them.

In 1975 I was 13, and in May of that year I lost my grandparent’s on my mothers side. What made it heartbreaking was in between them dying was they’re 53 wedding anniversary. My grandmother died first, she had a massive heart attack. And 13 days later, my Grandfather died. About a week after that I received a phone call that I will never forget. One the other end was a womans voice, she was saying that she would always be there, would always watch over me, after a couple minutes, it dawned on me that the person on the other end was my grandmother. As soon as it hit me who it was, static began to build up on the line and her voice grew ever more faint and sounding as though she was getting father away until all that could be heard was the static itself. The whole call lasted for only 5 minutes if that. But it lead me on a life long pursuit of investigation of the afterlife.