So far tonight our spooks have been quite. They are a very respectful bunch. I remember when I was a kid living on Huy Road my bedroom was right off the hall. A lot of times at night I would either see what looked like a woman go by or find that she was standing next to my bed. Which always confused me because we were the original owners of the house. Years later, after my mother had had a stroke, me and Jacob went over and did an evp session in the basement. At the time I fully expected to hear a woman’s voice, but the voice we recorded was a mans.

Before we moved here where we’re at now, we lived over on Dunbar. In a double. The spirit there called herself “Kelly” and at times played a prank or two. One night when we were watchin T.V she flipped the switch on and turned on the kitchen light. I myself saw the light switch move.

I have only encountered one time what I would call a truly evil spirit and that was in the late 70’s. I have always felt that your average ghost is neither good or evil. But rather just a person living their live on a slightly different plain of what we call reality. A plain that we all will someday enter.

Well, now for todays designs, enjoy.