Below is a link to the story about a 84 yr old woman who was pepper sprayed at the OWS/Seattle march. Any man who would pepper spray an 84 yr old woman is in my book a freakin coward. A lot of people think that the OWS movement is made up of only kids that live in their parents basement and hippes. I got news for them, a lot of them are my age, 49, or older. And just like the younger people, we are freakin fed up with what the rich and the CONserviTWITS are doing in this country. Not only that, there is now new groups forming that support the occupy movement, if you go and do a seach on facebook, you will find that the are elements of the Army, Navy, Aor Force & the Marines all with pages supporting the OWS! The question is, will those morns in Washington listen ans take heed? Or will they keep turning a blind eye and in doing so ensure a second American Civil War?