Well, Thanksgiving is now over. And the madness of the xmas shopping season is now upon us. Our oldest, who lives right down the street, was intending to go to Wally World at midnight. Why anyone in their right mind would shop this early is beyond me. I don’t even start my xmas shopping til 2 weeks before xmas for things are cheaper then than they are now. But to tell that to a die hard shopper is simply a waste of time. They are addicted to being “sheeple” and obeying what wall street tells them they “Need” as opposed to what their needs really are. I believe the same as my grandfather did, that if you can’t afford it, you don’t need it and if you do need it then save for it. He did very good by that, for he never made it past 7th grade, never had a credit card and yet when he died back in 1975 he had a house worth $75,000(which in 75 was almost unheard of a house in this town being that much money) $250,000 in the bank and around 500 shares of stock in AT&T which is where he had worked for 41 years. Not bad for a 7th grade drop out.

Anyway, it’s past 4 in the morning and have had 3 hours of sleep and I am now wide awake. Only did 2 new designs yesterday, so much for not working, which are already on the site.