Well, although it worn’t happen for a while yet. There maybe a short interruption of our website come Feb. 2012. Right now we have our site through Microsoft Office Live, and we have been very pleased with it. But, come Feb. 2012, Microsoft will shut it down in favor of their new Microsoft 365 service. Which unlike Office Live isn’t free.

Now, I don’t mind paying for our website, hell it would only be $72.00 for Gods sake. But, from what I understand, we will have to manually move the whole site over which being that by then we could have 700+ designs on there, will be a real bitch to transfer everything. Let me reassure everyone that we will be here, I am hoping to start the move in January 2012 and have it done within 3 weeks. We have had the site for several years and it has been a really good way to be in contact with our customers and to do our sales with.

I found this out while trying to put a like button for facebook on the site. Seems you have to have the upgrade to 365 to be able to do it. So that will have to wait for a few more months. In the mean time, as of today we now have 666 design on site with the inclusion of the 2 new ones below, enjoy.