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I’ve talked about the before, about how the next life might be like this one. Today is New Years eve so what do you suppose they are doing in the afterlife? I ask this because in a lot of hotels that are haunted, New Years eve after the living have all gone home still seem to have parties going on. Only these are with unseen party goers. I know that they’re a lot of people who will read this and say that I’m mocking God and Heaven, It is not them that I mock, it is Religion. For it is Religion that has built this myth about some magic place in the sky that we go when we die. Not only that, but they have sacred people with the concept of going to Hell instead if they do not pray, think and live a certain way. And yet no one really knows what happens to the soul after death. So how can Religion condemn people? And being that no one does know what happens, then my ideas are just as “true” as theirs until one or the other are proven wrong.

So, with that said. I think this is what happens in the afterlife on New Years eve. The partiers in life go right on and party down. They enjoy themselves just like the living do. They eat, drink and fuck each other and have a grand old time. They laugh, love and remember the good times. They visit with the living and just have a well rounded time of it. And of course the one invite everyone wants to get in the afterlife is the one to the party at Jesus’s crib because the best looking women are always there as well as an a-list bar with only the finest of booze.And mybe even an appearance by the big man himself, yes that’s right the big G, God. And of course let us not forget about the “heaven & Hell” mixer.

Like I said, this is just an opinion, so all of those who are offended But what I just said and think that I need too repent, GO FUCK YOURSELF you fuckin hypocrites. To the rest that see both the humor as well as the futility of trying to explain what cannot be explained, then I say a very sincere Happy New Year!


Being that tomorrow is New Years Eve, I intend to due a new evp session after we get back from the party we’re going to. I have a theory that spirits roam not only on Halloween but New Years as well. Both because of doorways being open between both worlds and because New Years, like Christmas, is a very important time to both the living and the dead. I’ve always wanted to perform an experiment, using a flir camera. As someone dies, tape it with the flir which is an inferred camera. It should in theory show the spirit at the moment it separates from the body and prove beyond a doubt that the afterlife is real. The Inferred spectrum can show a lot that we don’t see, the picture below was taken with a homemade inferred filter.

Being that Tomorrow is New Years, Been working on a bunch of new stuff. As of tonight we have 822 designs on the site where will it stop you ask? Only the shadow knows and he ain’t freakin saying!

We finally did it

Well, just a few minutes ago I posted our 802and design to the site. Something that I didn’t think would happen until next year. To break 800 designs is a big deal for that means 1,000 can’t be far away, it also puts us in a place that few t-shirt companies are in. Few have more than a few hundred designs if that, I can count on one hand the number of other companies that have done this. Here are todays designs.

Got a real bad feeling

This afternoon I got a call from our oldest daughter who just turned 21 this month. She wanted me to get her a gun and teach her how to use it. Now I have been around guns and have owned guns all my life, and think that everyone should at least know how to use one, though that doesn’t mean that everyone should own one. The thing is that I could hear people taking in the background as well as automatics being cycled, the slides being pulled back, over and over again. And from what I’ve been told she has been hanging with a jailbird. She is not the gun owning type, and I sincerely doubt if she could handle anything above a .22. My gut tells me that she’s trying to buy this for the jailbird, which or course is illegal. Will I teach her to shoot, sure, will I get her a gun so she can give it to a convict, hell no.

When my mother died last year I found these while cleaning out the attic. What I am trying to find out is any info on them. I know the smaller one was made by Gund but that’s all. Any info anyone can give will be helpful.

At the moment watching the news. They just did a piece on Ron Paul, like he really has a chance. I grant you that he says that he would legalize weed which I agree with 100%, but other than that the asshole is just another Republifreak moron.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I would be the first one to say that Washington is broken and needs to be fixed. But Paul would destroy the govt. the rest of the way and the rest of the morons would rage war on the people, neither is acceptable. We need to get back to electing people who are honest, not looking to enrich themselves at our expense. We need more FDR’s & JFK’s and less Nixon’s, Reagan’s & Bushes. We need to get the big money and religion out of politics and get back to helping the people. Big business does not make this country great nor does ANY Religion, it is us, the hard working people in this country that make it great. Without us, there is no America.

Well, I survived the party last night and it is officially Christmas day.Drank a couple bottles of Sam Adams at the party last night and I wasn’t impressed. I’ll stick to my Bush and my Cabo Wabo.

Well, today is Christmas eve, and p.c. or not Merry Christmas to all! As people who read this blog know, I am not a religious person. But to say that a person cannot say “Merry Christmas” to someone because it might “offend” them is BULLSHIT! If someone is so thin skinned that they are offended by someone wish them a Merry Christmas, then screw em. They would be offended by anything that you said.

In less than 3 hours have to pick up the little woman, and we’re all going to a xmas party, a BORING one at that. A boring party hosted by boring people. And all I got to say is that they better have some fuckin beer cause that’s the only way I can deal with they’re fuckin boring, dull bullshit. And now, for today’s designs.

This moron is a disgrace

There’s a moron a really bigoted piece of shit that on twitter goes by the name godswordislaw. This moron also has a blog on blogger called christians for a moral world. this guy hates everybody that does not fit in with his narrow view of a “good Christian” and from his postings is more than likely border line psychotic at the very least. How can such people be allowed to roam free is beyond me. But if someone doesn’t put a net over this piece of crap then the system will be to blame when he snaps all the way.

This was written by David Seaman in his column of 12/17/2011 for Business Weekly. I cannot say that I totally agree with it, though agree that every congressman and senator who voted for the N.D.A.A./S.O.P.A. should resign. But it would be a good place to start.

1) The Senators and Representatives who voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act (FY 2012), and who vocally supported the morally bankrupt censorship bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), must immediately resign from public office. This is non-negotiable. After all, they are traitors of the highest order, and are lucky to escape this scandal with their lives and assets intact. In exchange, the American people — including the Tea Party and Occupy — will affirm a commitment to our current democratic system. The power structure remains fully intact; we just want new representatives within that power structure.

2) The federal government, which had enough power to execute an unprecedented bailout of the banking system several years ago, is assumed to have the power to influence ongoing bank policy. As such, legislation must be passed within six months which would substantially relieve the plight of homeowners who risk eviction, or homeowners who have already been foreclosed on, or homeowners who are paying mortgages on homes that have lost more than 40% of their value over the past six years. No hardworking middle-class American willing to work 50 hours per week, and willing to do their best to pay the mortgage, should be subject to foreclosure. An “occupied” home (no pun intended!) is more profitable to the banks than a home left empty and in disarray for months, or perhaps years. Banks are in the business of lending, they aren’t in the business of being de facto landlords. In exchange, the American people — including the Tea Party and Occupy — will affirm a commitment to the American system of capitalism which has led to unprecedented innovation and wealth creation over the past two centuries. We acknowledge there will always be winners and losers within this system; there will always be some disparity in wealth in a free market system. A vitriolic witch hunt against “greed” and financial prosperity is not advantageous, and will not be pursued.

3) Outstanding student loan debt needs to be addressed in a meaningful way; up to 100% loan forgiveness for those willing to complete two years of national service, either in the military, approved non-profit capacity, or a civil corps. Such service will also be paid, and will provide the opportunity for advancement and career development. The alternative is dire: a massive spate of student loan defaults, as unemployed recent grads simply cannot repay such debt obligations under existing repayment terms. In exchange, the federal government receives a loyal workforce of young and intelligent Americans willing — and able — to improve our standing around the world, safeguard our national security, and improve our ailing infrastructure here at home.

4) Finally, a corporation is not a human being, and never has been. It does not enjoy unfettered freedom of speech protection. It is not allowed to contribute funds or substantial resources to politicians or political parties, since it is not a person and most certainly not a citizen of the United States of America. Money and politics must be divorced, once and for all. In exchange, the American people — including the Tea Party and Occupy — will affirm a commitment to the many other benefits corporations enjoy, including preferential taxation, preferential organizational ability, and enhanced ability to raise capital. The earliest corporations on Earth were designed to maximize innovation, maximize the output of talented labor, and advantageously spread risk across a large pool of interested investors, increasing the odds of favorable return over time. They were not designed to become political kingmakers.

5) The attack on the Bill of Rights ends once and for all. Strict adherence to the Bill of Rights is to be taught, and passionately enforced, at all levels of government. It’s the bedrock of our nation and should not be abandoned or desecrated. Our uniquely American civil rights are, indeed, rights and not privileges.

Let us show Russia and China and others that their cynicism is profoundly misplaced. Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated.

This will be an American century, after all.

We are at the height of our technological, cultural, and humanitarian abilities — and 307 million Americans refuse to allow our grand destiny and shared prosperity to be derailed by a handful of misguided career politicians stuck in the past. A strong central government is admittedly necessary given the complexity and dangers of 21st century life.
But we demand it be staffed with leaders who have greater vision, and shared values.

A fresh start. A new America. We’ll show the rest of the world what we are truly capable of — without violence, without strife, and within a matter of days.

And now for todays designs.