I often have thought about just what the other side of life really is. And personally, I think it’s a cross between defending your life, the 5 people you meet in heaven and what dreams may come. Now I am sure that the Jesus freaks will have a field day with what I just wrote and I really don’t care. For according to them, ghosts can’t exists because there’s either heaven or hell,no in between.

But there is an in between, and so one has to wonder what are the problems faced by ghosts.
Do they have to pay rent on their houses? is that why some still seem to go to work?

Can they still have sex? or is the afterlife full of frustration?

Do you still have to deal with idiot family members as well as all the other idiots, morons and jackasses that you did in life?

These are just some of the things I wonder about when I am sitting there at 3 in the afternoon on Sunday with a beer, the “Long tea time of the soul.” And although I do wonder about it, I am in no hurry to find out first hand. For I still have many more years of being an agitator to concern myself about finding out now, maybe in another 50 or 60 years I’ll find out first hand. Until then though it’s nice to just sit back and ponder the question.

And now for todays designs.