A few minutes ago I finished an evp session that I have talked about on here for a while. I got both reaction from the K2 meter, as well as the flash light, but the flash light didn’t come on until the video was disabled. I had the webcam going on the laptop aimed at both the K2 and the flash light. within less than an hour the laptop battery fail, it now says that it can’t possibly be charged and to look into buying a new one, even though the battery was at full charge and the laptop is less than 2 years old. After the laptop died, within seconds that is, the flashlight came one briht and steady. And did so 4 more times after that. the tape recorder also turned itself off 3 times, even though it has brand new batteries that I had just bought.

the K2 meter also came on several times as well. Being it is so late, I won’t review the tape or video until tomorrow, I have a feeling that I have some good shit on it, but can’t say for sure until i review everything. Once I do I will post it on here as well as on ghost village for independent review. And would like to here from everybody who sees the video/recording.