At the moment watching the news. They just did a piece on Ron Paul, like he really has a chance. I grant you that he says that he would legalize weed which I agree with 100%, but other than that the asshole is just another Republifreak moron.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I would be the first one to say that Washington is broken and needs to be fixed. But Paul would destroy the govt. the rest of the way and the rest of the morons would rage war on the people, neither is acceptable. We need to get back to electing people who are honest, not looking to enrich themselves at our expense. We need more FDR’s & JFK’s and less Nixon’s, Reagan’s & Bushes. We need to get the big money and religion out of politics and get back to helping the people. Big business does not make this country great nor does ANY Religion, it is us, the hard working people in this country that make it great. Without us, there is no America.