Being that tomorrow is New Years Eve, I intend to due a new evp session after we get back from the party we’re going to. I have a theory that spirits roam not only on Halloween but New Years as well. Both because of doorways being open between both worlds and because New Years, like Christmas, is a very important time to both the living and the dead. I’ve always wanted to perform an experiment, using a flir camera. As someone dies, tape it with the flir which is an inferred camera. It should in theory show the spirit at the moment it separates from the body and prove beyond a doubt that the afterlife is real. The Inferred spectrum can show a lot that we don’t see, the picture below was taken with a homemade inferred filter.

Being that Tomorrow is New Years, Been working on a bunch of new stuff. As of tonight we have 822 designs on the site where will it stop you ask? Only the shadow knows and he ain’t freakin saying!