I’ve talked about the before, about how the next life might be like this one. Today is New Years eve so what do you suppose they are doing in the afterlife? I ask this because in a lot of hotels that are haunted, New Years eve after the living have all gone home still seem to have parties going on. Only these are with unseen party goers. I know that they’re a lot of people who will read this and say that I’m mocking God and Heaven, It is not them that I mock, it is Religion. For it is Religion that has built this myth about some magic place in the sky that we go when we die. Not only that, but they have sacred people with the concept of going to Hell instead if they do not pray, think and live a certain way. And yet no one really knows what happens to the soul after death. So how can Religion condemn people? And being that no one does know what happens, then my ideas are just as “true” as theirs until one or the other are proven wrong.

So, with that said. I think this is what happens in the afterlife on New Years eve. The partiers in life go right on and party down. They enjoy themselves just like the living do. They eat, drink and fuck each other and have a grand old time. They laugh, love and remember the good times. They visit with the living and just have a well rounded time of it. And of course the one invite everyone wants to get in the afterlife is the one to the party at Jesus’s crib because the best looking women are always there as well as an a-list bar with only the finest of booze.And mybe even an appearance by the big man himself, yes that’s right the big G, God. And of course let us not forget about the “heaven & Hell” mixer.

Like I said, this is just an opinion, so all of those who are offended But what I just said and think that I need too repent, GO FUCK YOURSELF you fuckin hypocrites. To the rest that see both the humor as well as the futility of trying to explain what cannot be explained, then I say a very sincere Happy New Year!