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At the moment Obama is on giving his state of the union address. and he is spanking the freakin Republitwits. There is not one damn thing that he has said that any sane person could oppose, and yet you know damn well that the GOP will. It also seems to me that Obama is giving these morons an ultimatum, “either work with me now, or after the election I’ll make sure your fucked.” This is the Obama I voted for, the one that has balls. People with no mind of their own, you know the type, the ones that let Fox do their thinking for them. Will see this as proof of the Liberal, Socialist Evil Obama that wants to destroy this country. But people who are sane and responsible, that not only have a mind but know what it is for, will see this speech as what it really is, a call for the freakin GOP to stop all this freakin bullshit and work for the good of the country and the people that sent them to washington.


Last night we post our 1,000th design on the site. I am sure that they will piss off any so called conservative due to the fact that they have no working minds to speak of. I’ve worked long and hard to get to 1,000. And thought that I would feel some relief for I have achieved my goal of having that many designs on the site by or before I officially turn 50, which I do this Saturday. But instead, it has just lead to even more stuff popping into my mind. Even though I intend to take the rest of whats left of this month off from working on more, I doubt if that will be that case for something like this becomes to much of a habit, the muse just keeps talking and you find yourself compelled to do more.

Of course, with the current number of designs on the site, that is 4 times more than most other T-shirt companies have on there’s. Wonder if I can double it by this time next year?

I just replied to another entry that a moron member of the GOP had commented on. In it he had basically called me a liberal, hippie, socialist. Now let me assure you that I am not now nor have I ever been a Socialist. I am though a liberal and proud of it. And I do support the OWS movement 100%. What really pisses me off is when these hypocrites condemn a person that is on welfare or foodstamps because it’s either that or allow their family to starve. Do some people play the system, yes. but the majority are on these programs not because they want to be but because they have no choice. These morons that run their mouths in condemning others call themselves “Good hardworking Christians.” And yet by turning their backs on those in need they spit in the face of the teachings of the man that they worship as God. And now, with the so called election season well under way, their propaganda machine is in full force spewing out nothing but Bull just because a half black, half white is in the white house. To me, this is simply being the lowest slime there is. For 3 years they have done their best to tear this country down, they have supported ideas that would strip people of their hard earned S.S. and medicare benefits, as well as wanting to take foodstamps from people that would mean that they would starve. They have supported throwing people including little old ladies out on the street all in the name of corp greed. And in doing so have turned their back on the very foundation of this country. Well I say enough. This cannot be allowed to continue. Vote these bastards that would take away our freedom and believe that corp are people out! Stand up for what is right, not what simply adds value to your stock portfolio.

The day before yesterday around 1:30 in the afternoon I was here in the bedroom working on designs. The kids wouldn’t be getting out of school for another hour and Juliet was at work. And yet not only did I hear kids shout out from downstairs but I heard at least one run up the stairs! Now, although none of us has seen it, we have thought that one of our ghosts was that of a young boy. Bit the voice I heard was female, could it be that we were wrong? Or is there 2 kids haunting here instead of one? Of course with the weather like it’s been, there is another possibility, that what I heard was residual. You see objects can store both sound and images. And with the proper weather conditions, release them into the air, like a giant VCR or tape recorder. It is very possible that that is what happened. Without further investigation, it’s impossible to say for sure, all I know it that the sounds were from the inside and not the out and that I was the only one home at the time.

And now, the designs of the day.

Today would have been my mothers 85th birthday. And before it’s over I intend to have a beer and a shot in her honor. I’ve been wondering, do birthdays really matter when your dead? Think of it, being dead, your not gonna age anymore. In fact, it is said that a spirit can manifest to people at different ages. If that’s really true, then age is something that only the living worries about. And I sure that the dead would see it as just another “Fleshy” hangup. It is said that life itself is fleeting, in that the time we spend between when we’re born and when we die is short. So think of all the hang ups we have, our age, weight, looks, family etc. Just how many years of our lives do we go worrying about petty things in our lives. I sincerely doubt that the dead do the same thing.

Instead I gather that they have moved past all that wasteful thinking. And on to more concrete issues like how to prevent crypt rot or something. Or if your buried in Mexico or the Philippines, where to come up with your crypt rental.

The point is, don’t waste you life concerning yourself with stupid shit. Take care of what really matters for life is too short for anything else.

Below is a design that you might say was years in the making. If you have ever heard “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere and the Raiders then you know where the idea for this design came from. My wife keeps wanting me to take her to a reservation so she can see what it’s like. I have been to several, which is why I won’t take her. If you have ever been to one you needn’t ask why, they are not where you really want to take a vacation at. As with all of the Native American designs I do, it looks at things not from the white point of view but from the Native American which is very much lost to history. Which is a shame.

The greatest gift my wife ever gave me for my birthday was our youngest daughter. Catherine was born Jan. 28th 2005 on what was my 43rd birthday. In 20 days she will turn 7 and I’ll be an old man of 50. Although I am close to all the kids, it is Catherine and I that share a special bond between us. For years before she was even born I have dedicated my journal entries, I’ve kept one since 1979, to her. For I always knew that she would be born. In fact every major thing that has ever happened in my life I have long known would happen. That is why I feel that reincarnation is a myth. I do not think that we come back, but instead relive our own lives in hopes of getting it right, kinda like a do over. So deju vu is not that you were somewhere in a past life, but you are remembering that same moment from when you were there before and that you are re-living your life for some reason. It is after you get it right that you are allowed to move on to the spirit world.

Of course I realize that people will get pissed and take issue with what I just wrote. But can you prove it otherwise?

Anyway, I wish all those who share a birthday with someone they love well. I know that when the 28th comes around again this month me and Catherine will indeed feel that very special bond that only comes when you share your birthday with others.

Me & Catherine at T.O.P.A.S. this last night(01/07/12) when they celebrated the Jan. birthday people.

I just got done going through around 200 comments, all but 3 were freakin spam. Let me say this once and hopefully once only, if you put spam as a comment, I will indeed delete your ass. No and’s ifs or buts. YOU WILL BE DELETED! No with that said, all other comments will be approved for I firmly believe in free expression of ones ideas, even if I don’t agree. I post this blog to give the throughts running in my head a home, just as I do in my written journals. But ideas are not spam, spammers are some of the lowest form of life on the internet, and will not find a home here.

As a person who creates designs for T-shirts and a 3rd generation artist, when I see stupid laws such as the Stop Online Piracy Act(SOPA) or laws that would remove half of the bill of rights like the National Defense ReAuthorization Act(NDAA) I not only am I afraid for the future of this country but I get fuckin PISSED OFF! What are we allowing to happen to our country? America has always stood as the light that beckons freedom for the world in the darkness of tyranny. If we allow our own rights to be stripped away in the name of security, then what hope does the world have?

I have lived in 3rd world countries and have seen how little rights they have. And I do not want this country to end up just another banana republic. Nor do I wish to see America become the 4th Reich, Remember that Hitler and the Nazis did not seize power, they were handed it on a silver platter. The forces that are trying to destroy this Repbulic are many and varied. From the extreme bible thumpers, to the corrupt power brokers who are so greedy that they will do anything to make this the “Corporate States Of Amerika”.

I for one 100% support the occupy movement, for they are the only ones trying to right the wrongs that have for most of this century have gutted the rights of the people. Am I afraid for myself, that I might be a target of censorship or worse, hell no. For everyone was something else before they became what they are. And what I was was Very, Very Nasty. Now do not get me wrong, I do not advocate violence in any way shape or form. I truly believe in non violent protest. But at the same time, I will not go quietly into the night, I will not go without a fight. No one wants Revolution, for they are messy, bloody things. But as long as the government does not listen and allow peaceful evolution to happen, as long as they turn their backs on the people that simply want a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. As long as they turn a blind eye to the lessons of history in what happens to such governments. Then they ensure that in the end they will get the Revolution that nobody wants. And if it comes to that, then my God help us all.

A lot of so called religious people think that when a person dies the go either to heaven or hell with nothing inbetween. But that is something that I myself extremely freakin doubt. After studying the subject for over 30 years and being pronounced dead myself 3 times I have came up with my own ideas about what really awaits us on the other side. And if goes something like this.

Here we have Fred, Fred is dead. having died while screwing his mistress. Fred looks around not really knowing just what the hell is going on and see’s a guy standing in the corner. Now Fred, having just expired, is a little confused. He looks at the bed and see’s his body lying there, his mistress freakin out on the phone to 911 and some creepy looking moron standing in the corner looking at him with a big grin on his face saying that must suck.

Fred is then told that he is indeed dead. and that the s.o.p. is for him to stay with his body until the funeral, that way it will ease the time when he has to finally say goodbye. So He travels with his body to the coroner’s office where he meets a lot of others who are also newly dead, abd then on to the undertakers to await his own viewing. He rather likes the funeral itself, though is a little annoyed that he didn’t outlive cousin Dick who is indeed a dickhead. And is assured that old Dick will be pushing up his own daisy’s in an even more embarrassing way real soon.

Once the wake is over Fred is informed that he has to go, and that the is no Hell and that Heaven as he has always thought of it isn’t real either. No, instead, Fred is told that he had better start looking for a house or an apartment to haunt, and that also means getting a job. Now with a puzzled look, Fred asks if there is no heaven or hell, then what is the meaning or purpose to life. His case worker looks at him and says very bluntly that it is for man to learn from his mistakes and to overcome his fears. And only in that can he move on to what awaited in the next life. Well, Fred thinks about this and asks “well, if that’s the case, why do we have to keep working, haven’t we earned a rest?” And is told that you work not for money in the afterlife but as a way to keep busy. And Fred then of course ask’s about God, and is told that no one even in the afterlife meets God because God isn’t a being but a cosmic force that binds the universe together, that God is the universe itself.

So Fred finds himself a job tending bar, a nice little house to haunt and in the time he has to himself reflects on the meaning of his life. That is until his wife dies 25 years later, moves in with him and from then on never lets him live down just how he embarrassed her by dying as he did in the first place.

And now for todays designs.