The greatest gift my wife ever gave me for my birthday was our youngest daughter. Catherine was born Jan. 28th 2005 on what was my 43rd birthday. In 20 days she will turn 7 and I’ll be an old man of 50. Although I am close to all the kids, it is Catherine and I that share a special bond between us. For years before she was even born I have dedicated my journal entries, I’ve kept one since 1979, to her. For I always knew that she would be born. In fact every major thing that has ever happened in my life I have long known would happen. That is why I feel that reincarnation is a myth. I do not think that we come back, but instead relive our own lives in hopes of getting it right, kinda like a do over. So deju vu is not that you were somewhere in a past life, but you are remembering that same moment from when you were there before and that you are re-living your life for some reason. It is after you get it right that you are allowed to move on to the spirit world.

Of course I realize that people will get pissed and take issue with what I just wrote. But can you prove it otherwise?

Anyway, I wish all those who share a birthday with someone they love well. I know that when the 28th comes around again this month me and Catherine will indeed feel that very special bond that only comes when you share your birthday with others.

Me & Catherine at T.O.P.A.S. this last night(01/07/12) when they celebrated the Jan. birthday people.