Today would have been my mothers 85th birthday. And before it’s over I intend to have a beer and a shot in her honor. I’ve been wondering, do birthdays really matter when your dead? Think of it, being dead, your not gonna age anymore. In fact, it is said that a spirit can manifest to people at different ages. If that’s really true, then age is something that only the living worries about. And I sure that the dead would see it as just another “Fleshy” hangup. It is said that life itself is fleeting, in that the time we spend between when we’re born and when we die is short. So think of all the hang ups we have, our age, weight, looks, family etc. Just how many years of our lives do we go worrying about petty things in our lives. I sincerely doubt that the dead do the same thing.

Instead I gather that they have moved past all that wasteful thinking. And on to more concrete issues like how to prevent crypt rot or something. Or if your buried in Mexico or the Philippines, where to come up with your crypt rental.

The point is, don’t waste you life concerning yourself with stupid shit. Take care of what really matters for life is too short for anything else.