The day before yesterday around 1:30 in the afternoon I was here in the bedroom working on designs. The kids wouldn’t be getting out of school for another hour and Juliet was at work. And yet not only did I hear kids shout out from downstairs but I heard at least one run up the stairs! Now, although none of us has seen it, we have thought that one of our ghosts was that of a young boy. Bit the voice I heard was female, could it be that we were wrong? Or is there 2 kids haunting here instead of one? Of course with the weather like it’s been, there is another possibility, that what I heard was residual. You see objects can store both sound and images. And with the proper weather conditions, release them into the air, like a giant VCR or tape recorder. It is very possible that that is what happened. Without further investigation, it’s impossible to say for sure, all I know it that the sounds were from the inside and not the out and that I was the only one home at the time.

And now, the designs of the day.