I just replied to another entry that a moron member of the GOP had commented on. In it he had basically called me a liberal, hippie, socialist. Now let me assure you that I am not now nor have I ever been a Socialist. I am though a liberal and proud of it. And I do support the OWS movement 100%. What really pisses me off is when these hypocrites condemn a person that is on welfare or foodstamps because it’s either that or allow their family to starve. Do some people play the system, yes. but the majority are on these programs not because they want to be but because they have no choice. These morons that run their mouths in condemning others call themselves “Good hardworking Christians.” And yet by turning their backs on those in need they spit in the face of the teachings of the man that they worship as God. And now, with the so called election season well under way, their propaganda machine is in full force spewing out nothing but Bull just because a half black, half white is in the white house. To me, this is simply being the lowest slime there is. For 3 years they have done their best to tear this country down, they have supported ideas that would strip people of their hard earned S.S. and medicare benefits, as well as wanting to take foodstamps from people that would mean that they would starve. They have supported throwing people including little old ladies out on the street all in the name of corp greed. And in doing so have turned their back on the very foundation of this country. Well I say enough. This cannot be allowed to continue. Vote these bastards that would take away our freedom and believe that corp are people out! Stand up for what is right, not what simply adds value to your stock portfolio.