At the moment Obama is on giving his state of the union address. and he is spanking the freakin Republitwits. There is not one damn thing that he has said that any sane person could oppose, and yet you know damn well that the GOP will. It also seems to me that Obama is giving these morons an ultimatum, “either work with me now, or after the election I’ll make sure your fucked.” This is the Obama I voted for, the one that has balls. People with no mind of their own, you know the type, the ones that let Fox do their thinking for them. Will see this as proof of the Liberal, Socialist Evil Obama that wants to destroy this country. But people who are sane and responsible, that not only have a mind but know what it is for, will see this speech as what it really is, a call for the freakin GOP to stop all this freakin bullshit and work for the good of the country and the people that sent them to washington.