Last night we post our 1,000th design on the site. I am sure that they will piss off any so called conservative due to the fact that they have no working minds to speak of. I’ve worked long and hard to get to 1,000. And thought that I would feel some relief for I have achieved my goal of having that many designs on the site by or before I officially turn 50, which I do this Saturday. But instead, it has just lead to even more stuff popping into my mind. Even though I intend to take the rest of whats left of this month off from working on more, I doubt if that will be that case for something like this becomes to much of a habit, the muse just keeps talking and you find yourself compelled to do more.

Of course, with the current number of designs on the site, that is 4 times more than most other T-shirt companies have on there’s. Wonder if I can double it by this time next year?