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When this month started, I had said that I was going to take a break from designing for the rest of the month in order to rest and recharge my mind. That was 23 days and 70 designs ago. Even when I want to take a break my mind won’t let me. Some would see that as possibly borderline nuts. But to me it is perfectly normal. Being the 4th generation in my family to feel compelled to do artwork, and it is a compulsion, I long since realized that being creative is not something you can turn on or off. I is a part of you, and can become a driving force in ones life. I fought it when I was young and it made me unhappy as hell. But the night John Lennon died I surrendered myself to my creative muse and she hasn’t stopped talking since and I hope she never doe’s.


Well, this month will without a doubt set a new record in website hits. The new site is coming along much faster than I thought and we’re less than 5 designs away from having a total of 1,100 designs on the site. Of course I was to stop designing or at least posting them until the new site was up and running, but that just isn’t me. I wake up early this morning because I had some pounding on the door waiting to pop out of my head and when you are that way, the only thing that stops you is a coma or death. I’ve also been working on some hotdog designs as a special project for Ben Wilson. So in case your wondering why there’s ones dealing with food, that’s why.

For the past couple of weeks or so there has been much ado about Hospitals & schools that are owned by churches having to offer birth control to their employees. The hypocrites refuse to cover a woman’s right to birth control and yet they claim that they are pro poor and pro families. You cannot be “pro” family and oppose a woman’s basic right to decide for herself on this most basic and personal choice. They wrap themselves in the constitution and yet this is not a constitutional issue, nor is it a moral one. It is instead a personal health issue, one that should be left up to each and every women to decide for themselves. Those who think otherwise are guilty of the exact same oppression that they accuse the Government of practicing.

For the past hour I’ve been working on the new site. Some things will be new that is, but it will have the same old feel to it. The thing is that Microsoft is trying to force people to go to the new shit, the microsoft 365 with it still having bugs to it! Just the same old shit from them. Not only that, but all of the transition from officelive to the new 365 has to done manually, which being that they run both, you would think that it would be automatic therefore being a lot less of a hassle. But NOOOOOOOOOO, that would be to easy. Will be splitting my time between the the new site & doing new designs more than likely for the rest of the month all the while waiting on the link they had sent me for the 6 month free promo code to work.

In the meantime,

Last night we went to T.O.P.A.S. as we always do on the first saturday of the month. While there I filmed a 30 second clip of Juliet dancing and then uploaded it to facebook. When I went to look for it on my page it wasn’t there so I uploaded it again. It was on there for about a minute before disappearing yet again. This time I had gotten a notice that if I tried to post it a 3rd time I would no longer be allowed to post any videos at all! All because the clip had music in the freakin background! Now I am all for protecting copyrights, I own lot myself. But this goes to far. It is not a violation of a copyright to give a person and or show people something, if it were, then every library if this country could be shut down! Think of it, a world where the sharing of any information was illegal unless you paid for it. That is a world that I for one would not want to live in, and yet it is a world that is quickly becoming reality.