Last night we went to T.O.P.A.S. as we always do on the first saturday of the month. While there I filmed a 30 second clip of Juliet dancing and then uploaded it to facebook. When I went to look for it on my page it wasn’t there so I uploaded it again. It was on there for about a minute before disappearing yet again. This time I had gotten a notice that if I tried to post it a 3rd time I would no longer be allowed to post any videos at all! All because the clip had music in the freakin background! Now I am all for protecting copyrights, I own lot myself. But this goes to far. It is not a violation of a copyright to give a person and or show people something, if it were, then every library if this country could be shut down! Think of it, a world where the sharing of any information was illegal unless you paid for it. That is a world that I for one would not want to live in, and yet it is a world that is quickly becoming reality.