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Was it murder?

Yesterday there was a big rally in Florida concerning Trayvon Martin. A kid down there that was gunned down while on his way back from the store by a blockwatch captain. Now I’m all for being able to carry a gun. But, whoever gave a concealed carry permit to this moron should be freakin fired. This guy had a history of reporting black’s. That right there shows a pattern of at the very least paranoid behavior. Now the parents claim that the kid would never attack anyone, yet the is evidence of some kind of fight happening between them. Now, that doesn’t mean that this moron was right in using deadly force. Anyone that is backed into a corner is going to fight. And if that was the case, this guy cannot plead self defense. For it would show that he, not the kid was the aggressor. and therefore he would be guilty of at least manslaughter. The problem is there are no witnesses, nor is there any video. Only 2 people really know what happened that night and one of them is dead. And all the rally’s of earth isn’t going to change that. People have to be patient, You only get one shot at proving this guy guilty, and no one wants to screw up. Let the cops do their job so this asshole can with any justice spend the rest of his bigoted life rotting in prison where he belongs.


Living on a main road in the city can be fun. we’re only a block from a high school plus there’s a bus stop right out front so when the weather turns good like it has this week, we get to sit on the front porch and watch the freak show go by. Sometimes it comes from the kids, sometimes from people waiting at the bus stop and at other times its from the carry out that’s right across the street. Living in a small town, or out in the country you don’t get the free “entertainment” that you do in the city. Of course this being an election year, the Repuplicant’s are staging their own freak show. But that one is down right scary. The freak shows that go up and down Cleveland Ave are hilarious.

Well, as of today we are selling signs in addition to our t’s. There’s only 4 at the moment and I’m debating if any one them should be political. For politics changes very rapidly in this country, and a sign is a lot more long lasting than any shirt is. Which is why none of the mugs were or will be political. The signs by the way are going for $25.00 each.

As many know we have had to move our website. We had it on Microsoft’s Office Live platform which they are in their greed shutting down at the end of this month. So we moved it to their new Office 365 platform and are now paying for it each month, the old site was free. Now I don’t mind paying for it, but they have made it so much of a hassle switching it over plus the new website stats page is so lacking compared to the old one that it really is a pain in the ass. And adding Google Analytic’s is a bitch because it will only record a fraction of your visitors. I really need to find a new way of keeping up with this but so far I have yet to find a solution.