I’ve been fighting a deep blue funk all week & what happened tonight didn’t help any. I had heard what sounded like one of the boys hammering in their room. Thing is that it didn’t sound right. so, I go in and find Jacob, the 8 yr old, taking my heart ax and chopping bits out of Michael’s bed!!. Needless to say I went fuckin ballistic. Juliet doesn’t as yet know being that she’s closing tonight and won’t be home til around 2.

The thing is when I asked him why, first he denied it, then when I proved that the ax fit the marks said nothing. I’ve never known him to do anything even remotely like this before, so why he would do this now I don’t know. Michael, who is 12 took it in stride which was surprising for if it had been me I would have beat the shit out of him. Instead, He went to bed without his dinner and is grounded until further notice. And my heart ax has been put away.