As I looked for news last night about the recall election in Wisconsin I was puzzled by the fact that with only 4.6% of the vote counted, Walker had been declared the winner. What about the fuckin other 96% of the vote? Don’t they matter? Then I read about the rigged voting machines that Wisconsin uses and it all became clear as day. Whats not clear is this
why can’t the rabid Obama haters remember what it was like under Dubya? It’s like they were in a coma for 8 years while Dubya was in office fuckin everything up. Either that or were wearing rose colored glasses. I can just imagine what will happen if Freakin Romney wins, not only will this country go straight to hell, but 1984 and the thought police will be in full effect.

20 years ago when people I knew sat around and spoke of a coming “Revolution” I thought they were nuts, now I wonder if they were the “Sane” ones.

They stood for something…Do you?