I posted a link that just shows what a fucled up election year this is turning into. This moron, a member of the westboro bapist church, you know them, the church of the out and out loony tunes. Is running for a seat on the board of education in Kansas. So instead of really caring for kids education, this loony claims that evolution is a plot by the Devil himself!! What the fuck is in the water out there? Another thing, those who watch Fox news it seems have it as they’re “Holy” mission to save us you read the Huffington Post, CNN or just about any other website or T.V. network that at least tries to give a somewhat balanced news report. The reason, as far as I can figure is that they want everyone to be as fucking stupid as they are! For one thing, they of course hate the new health care law, mainly because of the section that says you have to have health insurance or pay a $200.00 fine. BUT, if they had bothered to READ the law, they would see that it also forbids the government from collecting the damn fine!! SO it is a fine in name only!! Kind of takes the hot air out of they’re bitchin don’t it.