Well, with the election less than 2 weeks away and change coming no matter who wins, I have been making some changes around here as well. The pictures are of the first Plastisol prints that I’ve done in 10 years. Now for those who have no idea what Plastisol is, if you have plastic water pipes in your basement, that’s the same shit. All it is is liquid PVC that is used on 50% of all t-shirts. This shit by the way does not just dry, it has to be heated to at least 300 degrees before it hardens, either by way of a flash dryer or by using a simple heat gun. From now on, 95% of all our shirts will be done with plastisol.

We have also resumed our radio show, freaky fred’s corner on blog talk radio at midnight on friday nights. And have reached 1,506 designs on our website, http://www.freakyts.com and invite you to check both out.