For the past several years this country has been tearing itself apart.  All because certain greedy, evil people lead by the Koch Brothers insist on wanting it all instead of being content with what they had. Democracy is being perverted for their own gains, and we are letting it happen. Part of the plan seems to be to make Americans stupid and so far it’s working. It’s been shown that watching Fox News lowers a persons I.Q., and now these people are going after our kids education by cutting already thin funding as well as eliminating subjects. Case in point, History is no longer being taught in the lower grades, for tyranny cannot allow thing like history to be taught unless they control it.  It cannot allow anything to survive that would get people to think on their own and to question. The most dangerous question that tyranny fears has only 3 letters, it is the simple word, “Why”.

The GOP has allowed itself to be hijacked by these self serving people that want to make Aryan Rand’s vision into a reality. With the Koch Brothers the binding force. Their father was a founding member of the John Birch Society as well as allied with the Nazis. These are the type of people that we have allowed to gain so much wealth and power that we are on the verge of losing our way of life, The Republic is indeed in danger, but not from the Liberals or the Conservatives for that matter, but by those who are manipulating things all the while staying in the shadows. We as a people must always question the powers that be, we must always shine the light on the darkness or the darkness shall ever win. The founders of the Republic knew this, knew that in a free society, the society is only strong as long as the people keep the fires of discontent burning. We as Americans must never assume that we will always be free, or that God is with us. Look at the lessons of history to see what happens when a free people take that freedom for granted. The Romans, the Greeks or in our own time with the Nazis. People forget, Hitler did not seize power, but was elected and then given even more power by the people themselves.

That is why they want us stupid so history can repeat itself, do not let them force the darkness on us or our children. stand up for your rights, do not go quietly into the night for if you do, you only have yourselves to blame for the decline and fall of America. The choice my friends is yours….chose wisely.

Congress backs citizens united but fears united citizens