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This is my latest painting.  Slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it.




Well here it is, this weeks Rebels Roost video.

Been so busy this week that I have yet to film the next Rebel’s Roost video. And this has been a busy week. First, bought a new security system, bought Chipmunk a new car, 2002 compact ford explorer, and might, just might, have found us a house for sale that we can afford. Plus had went down to unsocial unsercrity yesterday to reapply for my disability. Later today will do some plumbing on the fucking bathtub, and tryout the new 6 ton press I bought to do the rings I’m planning to make. I thought that last year would be the year everything turned around, looks like though it’s gonna be this year.

So, expect the next episode tonight. Will post a link here to it once it’s up loaded to youtube.

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Yesterday I uploaded a video to youtube, the first in a series of videos called Rebels Roost. The link is below, check it out and comment.





Been trying to master a new painting technique using spray paint, round objects and a palette knife. Comments welcome