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Ever have so many ideas that you can’t sleep at night? For the past 3 months I’ve had so many ideas for new projects that they seem to want to all jump out at once.  They say that genius cannot exist without a touch of madness, and that just might be true. What with the rings, paintings and getting back to doing E.V.P.’s plus working on the new version of the website and still having many, many more ideas for new projects zooming through my mind and things like sleep are getting very rare.

One of the new ideas on the front burner is experimenting with what is called a “Frank’s Box” or “Ghost Box”. I myself am far from sold that these boxes can indeed pick up E.V.P.’s. But I’m willing to be open minded and try one to see what the results are. They guy who invented the box, has pretty much went off the grid do to the fact that people that call themselves “Paranormal” researchers, or Ghost hunters want to exploit the boxes in their quest to either become rich, famous or both. A true researcher doesn’t do this type of research for either one. But for the quest for knowledge.   I seldom publish my results because it is a personal quest, a quest to find out what becomes of us when our body dies, not a quest for wealth or fame that drives me.

And as for the paintings, ideas just happen to “pop” into my head and to get them out I must go right away and do them then and then can I get them out of my mind. Which has lead me to produce anywhere from 2-3 a day for the past month. The newest one is below.

So the question still remains, what really is genius and what is madness?




It would seem as though we of the internet have become so big of a threat that the company in Langley has started pysops against the whole world. It’s nothing new that some in the intell community feel that the handing over of the internet for civilian use was the greatest mistake in all of history and that the internet is now the greatest threat to government. SO, being that they  cannot pull the plug, the company has now the software to “create” users with full backgrounds in order to manipulate and even start events and alter news that gets reported. Now, is this legal? If the company uses it only for overseas ops, yes. The charter of Central Intelligence forbids it from operating within the borders of the United States. But, if they are using this ability here in the U.S., then they are indeed running an illegal operation and it MUST be shut down.

Over the last few years, I myself have noticed the manipulation as well as the omission of the nightly news but local and national. Case in point. The other day I needed to go to the local hardware store to pick up a new outlet. 2 doors down from there is the Innis road post office branch that delivers our mail here in the neighborhood. Just past where you pull into the hardware store to a block past the post office the road was shut down, the post office was full of EMT’s, fire trucks, cops and what looked like the feds. Now you would think that even if it was a drill, something like that would at least get some mention on the local news. In reality it got none, nada, zip. Now that is just one example of what has been going on all around the country in recent years.

So let me just offer a bit of advice, that next blog you read, that next facebook page you like that next news story that somehow doesn’t seem quite right might e legit or it might be run by the spooks at spook central.

My first poem of 2014

Old Soul


David L. Kern

Here I sit in a darken room, thinking amongst all the gloom. Officially I’m 52 but I know that’s not really true. For I have fought many battles, lived many lives. Loved many woman all while wearing my disguise.

This body might be 52 but I’m an old soul, a soul that is old as the trees that sway in the summers breeze. How did I get this way you ask? Why can I not rest at last? That I cannot say, for rest is for another day. It is my lot in the universe you see, to live a thousand lives and be.

To be the solider that sacrifices for his buddy, to be the poet that has no money. To give the world ideas to think and maybe in between sneak a drink. To write the stories that make you laugh all the while living in a draft. I observe the human condition you see, with the task not to interfere but instead to hold a mirror up before the world.

So that one day I can rest when the world has done it’s best. For only then can my soul be at rest. In a peace that comes when you are finally done & the door to heaven finally opens with the of the raising sun.

Until then I will ever be, just an old soul, an old soul that’s me.

Well, I have been working this out in my head since last night but couldn’t get it right….Until now. It’s the first painting I’ve done with a wolf theme to it but it won’t by any means be the last one.


As some of you might know, one of the facebook pages I run is the Rebels Roost.  Well a few weeks ago I left a comment in regards to a video by some paranoid and delusional moron that goes by the name of “Raging Rob”.  Well tonight, we had this exchange on the page.

Screenshot (3)


He thinks that he owns facebook it would seem. It would be different if I were “Hounding” him. But as you can plainly see, I didn’t even remember who the fuck he even was! Nor do I really care to, the guy believes his delusions are freaking real. In the video I watched, he praise’s Somalia for having no government and prays for it to happen here! If that isn’t nutso I don’t know what is.

Anyway, I ended up banning the asshole. The only person I have ever banned from the Roost. And hope he takes advantage of Obamacare and gets the mental health treatment he needs.

  1. Last month I applied for SSI being that they say I don’t qualify for SSD. This morning I got a call from insocial insecurity saying that there was no record of my being in the hospital for 3 days in 2012 for heart problems, only of my being in the ER a month later after I tore tendons in my right hand after a fall! Not only that, but that the only x-rays were of my hand. Now, over the years I have had numerous x-rays including my left knee and shoulder. And yet they are saying that no such x-rays exist! I have only ever stayed in one hospital here in Columbus, an my med file goes back some 40 odd years and is about 3 freakin inches thick!! So I get the feeling that they are indeed setting me up for a denial which really pisses me off. What with the damage to both shoulders, elbows, knee and a compressed disk. Plus the heart valve problem which is only getting worse, and then they lie to me saying that the records don’t exist. It seems that someone is giving the runaround and I for one am not amused!



This is the most sad and strangest story about clowns that I have ever known. Mostly because, it’s all true.

Most people know who Emmett Kelly was. He made kids laugh as a clown for Ringling Bros. for decades as one of the very first hobo clowns, “Weary Willie” . Kelly had a son, Emmett Kelly Jr., who, in the early 60’s Started doing his own “Weary Willie” act. Because of this, his father never spoke to him again. The Son had a son named Paul. Paul had lost his leg in a train accident as a boy, and grew up hardly ever seeing his father or his grandfather. All 3 had issues.

Emmett Sr.’s wife left him after many years saying that “Willie” had slowly taken Kelly over. Jr’s wife left him for the same reason. Both wifes said that father and son didn’t know where they ended and Willie began. Jr claimed that “willie” had came to him in a dream and told him that it was time for him to replace his father as Willie, before that Jr had worked for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

The grandson, Paul Kelly, claimed to have had the same dream while in jail, seems that Paul never met a drug he didn’t like, and when he got out, changed his name to Emmett Kelly III.

Now the first two, even though they might have had a few personality issues, were not even close to being as screwed up as the grandson. According to his girlfriend, there were two Paul Kelly’s, the first was kind, sweet, warm and helpful. The second was a mean, spiteful bastard.

Now other than being the type of person that never met a drug he didn’t like, Paul was also Bi-sexual. & in late 1978, two of his lovers, one was a preacher, were found beaten to death. When the cops investigated, Paul’s name kept popping up. So, they track him down and found that he had items belonging to the dead men, including a brand new color tv. Paul confessed, but said that he wasn’t the only one that was involved, that “Willie” was the mastermind and that he had “Only hit the preacher once but that Willie had hit him 15 times.” Paul Kelly was sentenced in 1979 to 50 years to life for the murders, he was also found to have a split personality.

One family, 3 generations all becoming a victim of a person that wasn’t real outside of the circus. Sr. died only months after his grandson was sentenced, Jr died in 2006. And what of “Weary Willie you ask? No clown has dared take on the mantel for fear that he will consume them as well.

For those that do not believe this story, I have posted below two links that tell more of the story….Sweet Dreams.,_Jr.