1. Last month I applied for SSI being that they say I don’t qualify for SSD. This morning I got a call from insocial insecurity saying that there was no record of my being in the hospital for 3 days in 2012 for heart problems, only of my being in the ER a month later after I tore tendons in my right hand after a fall! Not only that, but that the only x-rays were of my hand. Now, over the years I have had numerous x-rays including my left knee and shoulder. And yet they are saying that no such x-rays exist! I have only ever stayed in one hospital here in Columbus, an my med file goes back some 40 odd years and is about 3 freakin inches thick!! So I get the feeling that they are indeed setting me up for a denial which really pisses me off. What with the damage to both shoulders, elbows, knee and a compressed disk. Plus the heart valve problem which is only getting worse, and then they lie to me saying that the records don’t exist. It seems that someone is giving the runaround and I for one am not amused!