From time to time I get mentally disturbed people that comment on here. Better known as Jesus Freaks. Why are they mental your ask? Simply put, they see themselves as not only better than others but they really think that a carpenter, rabbi and Jewish guy from the first century was either the son of God, God made human or the deliverer. And yet, they NEVER practice what he taught. And if you point that out to them, they want to kill you in the name of their God! If that isn’t mental then I don’t know what is. Now, as I have said time and time again. Do It it ┬ábelieve in the Great Spirit, but at the same time, Organized Religion, no matter which one it is, is evil. It seeks to control men and those whom it can’t control, is seeks to destroy. I have no need to “repent” for I have done nothing but speak the truth. You want to cure 90% of what is wrong with this world? Ban all organized Religion, Ban Islam, Jewdism, and CHRISTIANITY! Jesus is not the son of God nor was he the so called savior. Mohammed was not infallible. They were simply men, men who tried to make things better and in the end got followers who were extremist, delusional and insane.


God has no religion