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Today the high court refused to hear appeals from 5 states over lower court rulings that legalized same sex marriage in those states. While I personally have no view on the issue one way or the other. It pisses me off that these crazy bastards want to impose their warped views on others all in the name of their God. These crazies feel that their beliefs must be imposed on everyone and are no better than Isis! The are indeed the American Taliban, They just can’t live knowing that somebody somewhere in this country is living their life the way they want to and not by their petty, bigoted  point of view. I don’t give a rats ass if a gay or lesbian couple want to get married, why? Because IT’S NOT ANY OF MY BUSINESS! Nor is it yours or their’s. But only the couple that is getting  married.

If they want to be unhappy like have of all married couples, I say let them and mind your own damn business and stay out of other peoples! If you’re not gay, don’t believe in gay marriage than don’t marry a person thats gay. Or in other words, Mind your own damn business   


Below is a link to the latest video I posted on our freaky paranormal  youtube channel. We’re getting quite a few videos on there of the evp sessions with the ghost box and this week I hope to do a session at camp chase and hopefully Greenlawn cemeteries.

As many of you know I have from time to time done paranormal investigation. Well, yesterday I got my first “Ghost Box” which is basiclly a digital fm radio whose scanning function can be set to scan without stopping on any station. The link below is to part 1 of the first session we did up in the attic. It will also take you to the youtube channel I set up for our spirit videos.