As a new week starts, this country finds itself starting down a road from which there maybe no return. The renewal of the NDAA, which seizes sacred land from the Apache and gives it to a mining company, as well as the new budget, that allocates 80 cents of every tax dollar to defense, none to rebuilding infrastructure, allows the big banks to go back to their old ways that screwed this country in the first place, as well as an order that stops D.C. from carrying out a referendum, one that 70% of the voters approved, to legalize weed in D.C.!

The part that lets the banks fuck up shit again, that we all will pay for when we have to bail them out once again, was written by Citibank! Why the hell is Citibank or any special interest writing U.S. law!? Isn’t that why we elect the congress?

If we do not put an to this, within 10 years the Corp will fully take over, and to all you sheep that handed the congress over to the gop will find yourselves on the menu.