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A couple hours ago the oldest stopped by with three pizzas, that’s her in the center. Felt good not having to cook, I wasn’t in the mood anyway. Being that the internet is still out, the assholes won’t be out to fix it til tomorrow, there hasn’t been much to do around here this week. Can’t order what I need for the new foundry until Friday, and can’t work more on the car brakes until Saturday.  So it’s been a very boring week around here.


The riots the past couple days in Baltimore have been one of the most moronic acts since the ones in Ferguson. What in the hell do people hope to prove? Since when does burning down the freakin neighborhood solve anything? I can understand the frustration, and I have nothing against protesting. But this shit is way out of hand. Who do they think they’ll hurting? Because it sure as isn’t the people in charge. Not when it’s their own hood that’s burning.
Protest, yes. But remember that violence begets violence. And the change that must happen, won’t. Just more people in jail and more business for the undertaker.

In my last entry, I mentioned about basing some of the bronze pieces I want to do on soap molds. These are some of and even more detailed ones that I want to try.

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These are just some of the molds I want to try. They would only be about as big as a bar of soap mind you, which would mean that I would only charge $10.00 for them at the most. But they would be one of a kind pieces, for to my knowledge, these designs have never been cast in metal before. Like, haven’t you ever seen a bar of soap and said to yourself, “that’s to pretty to use”? Well with these, you wouldn’t need to make that choice.

In the past several months that I’ve been working towards getting this metal casting down. I have been trying to think of things to make that people would buy, other than skulls. I was just browsing the net when I stumbled upon 3D soap molds like the one below. Of course, being a soap mold, they won’t withstand the heat of the bronze, so I’ll have to first cast it on wax, then use that to make a plaster mold. Burn out all the wax in the oven. Then, and only then can I pour the bronze. The draw back, and there’s always a draw back, to get the metal out, the plaster has to be broken. Which means every time you what to cast that design you have to repeat the whole process. But it will be well worth it to be able to do them.


Every backyard casting video you see all says that you need a foundry that has a refractory core wrapped in a steel casing. Which is why the one I built uses a steel bucket lined with a plaster/sand mix. But the link to the video below shows how a guy uses a simple ceramic blanket and a propane weed torch, mine runs on charcoal but I bought a weed torch last month for the new one, to reach the temp needed, 2,000 F, to melt 10lbs of Bronze in only 22 min! Could we all be making something that is really so simple, maintaining heat in a small space, so complicated? I had planned of buying a ceramic blanket, and I think before I go and buy all the other that a traditional propane foundry is built from, I will try this design. What have I got to lose?

I have included in this the youtube links to two other of the Kustom Kastings videos as well as to the Kustom Kastings facebook page. I hope that you all enjoy them as well as tell others so both can grow.


And these are to the other facebook pages that I admin

And last but not least, the Freaky Paranormal Youtube channel where you will find the Ghost/evp videos that I done of the last few years.


I share these now simply because I feel that you all should see just what else I’m into. \

As you can see, my interests are very diverse and always have been. Counting my own personal face book page, I admin 5 by myself and co-admin one other. And between that and ¬†actually creating things, that doesn’t give much time for a social life.



Well, just had a words with the so called “Better” half. She closes tonight up at Wendys, for those that don’t know it, she’s an assistant manager. I assumed that I would drive her being that my cars brakes still need work so I could take Jacob to the soccer game that his teacher had organized for some of the kids as a reward. When she saw me getting dressed, the words were, “where do you think you’re going” and when I said about Jacob her response was simply “I don’t care.” ¬† Seems that I’m to blame for everything, my car not being fixed yet, the washer not being fixed and the loss of the internet. Now, let me set things straight.

My car:

Although it is true that I stopped working on it for the time being, the reason is simple. I need a set of line wrenches that when I told her that, I was told tough luck. So, I have to wait until next week when I get my SSI check, a measly $248.00.

The washer:

Again, it comes down to money. I’m sure I know what part is screwed, but I cannot afford the part. I only get $248 a month, she gets almost $2,000! But it’s me that she expects to pay for a $100+ part!

The Internet:

Now this I do normally pay, and come next week, I will make a double payment to get it back on. Reason it wasn’t paid, because I had tried to use the auto pay at Menards to buy a propane cylinder, I tried 3 times and thought it was busted. I later found out that even though I never got it, it ended up charging me close to $150! When I asked her to pay it this month, she got pissed. And yet there have been times when she has asked me to pay something extra and I wasn’t being given a freaking choice about it.

What I can’t figure out is what the hell does she do with her money, which by the way is a forbidden subject. She doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. She doesn’t gamble. So just where is her money going??

I also admit that there are times when I just want to say “FUCK IT” and leave, but that’s what my oldman did to me and I’ll be damned if I do it to my own kids. That’s also why I’m so intent in bringing in more of my own money by way of my artwork. Maybe then, if and when I make as much if not more than she does, I can knock her off that high horse of hers and she’ll come to her senses.

The closer it gets to May first the less I’ve been sleeping. I have my mind in high gear wanting to start on making foam models for future bronze castings as well as ordering the bronze to melt and I can’t do any of it until then. Yet I cannot get my mind on anything else but that. I have put so much time and effort into learning this, not to mention the cost, about $500 so far, that I want to get things into high gear and be doing it full time. If you have never worked with metal, it’s hard to explain. But with everything you cast, you get a feeling of knowing that whatever you just created will far outlive you and in a way, give you immortality. Just the few things that I have so far done I know will, as long as no one comes along and melts them down, still be here a hundred or more years from now. Nothing else that I have ever created has given me that same feeling of satisfaction.

I forgot to mention before, there is already a Facebook page set up, kustom kasting. It also has its own YouTube channel under the same name.

http:// Casting a small foam Halloween skull into Aluminum:

This was one of the first things that I cast. An aluminum foam Halloween skull that once I got done with it became a 3lbs skull if solid aluminum.


One of the aluminum skulls after it had cooled and before it was polished.


And idea of what the shirts would look like.


An idea of what my mothers headstone might look like cast in bronze.