Over the past year I have been trying out new things and ways to make money. After designing and selling shirts for the past 15 years it dawned on me that all that I have made won’t last for more than a few years. And like all creative people, I want what I do to be here long after I’m dead and buried.

So, I first tried my hand at coin rings, and although I haven’t given up on them, I still have a way to go before I can think of selling any.

Then, I started making peace pipe bowls and found that I’m good at it and I intend to keep on doing them though I haven’t made any this year.

Then a few months ago, I got back into metal casting. Ten years ago I had made some life casts in lead shot of both me and Michael. But had not continued do to the fact that I had know way of melting other metals. Over the winter, I built my first small foundry, out was a total failure do to the crucible failing and the metal burning right through the bottom. So I built a second one, this time using a regular graphite crucible. I have since cast three small aluminum skulls and one mini skull. And I admit that I love it! But, casting in aluminum is boring, what I want to do is something no one that I can find had ever done. That is to cast a knife in bronze of a modern design using the lost foam method. To this end, I have built a 3rd foundry, have switched my fuel source from charcoal to propane, and within the next two weeks, will attempt to cast what will be the only bronze hunting knife in the world if successful. If I can do this, and it I can repeat it, then I will combine everything, the castings, coin rings, pipes and the shirts under the name Standing Bear Trading Company.

I will also go on kickstarter, in order to raise money for a trailer so I can travel and do art shows. The premiums being different castings. The ultimate casting, one which there will only ever be one, will be my mothers headstone.