One of my last posts dealt with an asshole that I know that at one time was a friend. He calls me today saying that he needs to “disappear”. Seems the moron, ever a dickhead, pissed off some dope boys. Now would I call someone with every reason in the world to hate my guts and tell them not only do I need to disappear, but where I plan to hide out and the name I intend to be living under? Hell no, but this bastard thinks the past can be erased over time. He almost broke my back with a club and threatened my wife and kids and 14 years later he thinks that he can show up and all is forgiven. I neither forgive nor forget. And although I won’t tell these assholes where hes going, there are others, friends, that if they want to even the score, all they have to do is ask and I’ll certainly give this rat bastard up. Karma is a bitch, and he it seems is high on her list.