As I get older, my past seems to be creeping up on me more & more. We all think when we’re young that we’ll live forever and hence do stupid shit. And, if we’re lucky & survive our stupid phase, we slap ourselves on the back & think to ourselves “well, that will be a story to tell the grandkids.”

Of course, what doesn’t go through our mind until we get older, is that when the time comes that those grandkids do come, that we’re going to be paying for all those stupid things we did with pain, loads of pain. Since I’m older, I believe that I have developed arthritis in my lower spine. And being that pain killers either have no effect at all or make me so stoned that I cannot function. I’m left to endure the pain which at times makes it so hard to walk, I just lay here. Of course, this is no way to live, but it is what must be endured. For I’m bound & determined that the pain will not win, that my life’s journey still has miles to go before I cross over & I still have to wait for those grandkids to be born to tell them those stories.


Anyway, below is the link to the latest  ghostbox session. Had to stop for a while cause the latest microsoft updates broke the damn program. So the guy who wrote the program had to come up with the fix which took 10 days to write and an hour to download.