Yesterday was weird. It started weird and it ended weird. First, it started with a very strange dream in which I was sitting there having a conversation with Kama & Chaos themselves. Then, last night, as I was getting ready to pick up Chipmunk, I heard what sounded like a dying dog howl in pain, then, what sounded like tapping sounds. Then, as I went out to the car, there was a man and a woman standing next to a pick up. He didn’t say anything. But she was sobbing and said “He’s dead”. I have no idea who the hell they were. and as I had started to pull out, the woman had disappeared and the man was walking down the alley only to vanish in the one neighbors backyard. It kept me up until 7:30 this morning wondering what she meant. Was she speaking about the dog? Or maybe a family member? And where the hell did she go so fast? And for that matter, where te hell did he go so quickly? I doubt if I’ll ever know, but I know what I saw and heard. And I was very much wide awake and sober when it happened. As for today has been uneventful in comparison.