For the past two years, Number one daughter has been wanting me to take her to get a gun and teach her how to use it. Each time I talked her out of it. This afternoon, she called me and said to meet her at the local gun shop because she was bound and determined to get one. Well Chipmunk, who not only hates guns, hates that I own several and have taken Jacob shooting at times, went all out batshit crazy! Saying among other things that she would hold me personally responsible if I allowed Mae, who by the way will be 25 in 3 weeks, to buy a gun! And that I might as well shoot myself now because she would kill me if I allowed it and anything bad happened!

Now, I sure as hell ain’t about to shoot myself. And I did later talk to Mae and convince her to wait on buying a gun. But for Chipmunk to blame me for something that Mae wants to do, being that she is an adult, or to be so anti gun is to me illogical. For one thing, I have never told or encouraged Mae to go buy a gun. In fact its been the exact opposite. But I do know that she has been stalked an or harassed by her boyfriends ex. And I assume that that has something to do with it. So the way I see it, if she insists on buying one, then going with her to make sure that she gets one that’s best for her and teaching her the correct way to use it is far better than getting angry at buying one. Or am I wrong?