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Well, in one hour and 7 minutes we will say goodbye to 2015. I must admit that I’ll be glad to get rid of it. For although this year has seen my finally get the hang of making coin rings, the latest is below.


It also saw the death of my only living brother, and with him gone, all I have is Chipmunk, the kids & a Niece and Nephew. So will I be sad to see 2015 go, no, I won’t.

And I’m not about to make like I’m gonna freakin change in the coming year. I’m gonna be the exact same honest S.O.B. at 12:01 as I was at 11:59!

Now, I also have something that has been a bit of an experiment.  5 days ago, I again turned on Audacity and this time let it run for one hour here in the bedroom which was locked. I then went downstairs to work on a coin ring. The link below will take you what was recorded and some of it is a little disturbing.



First off, Where the hell does the Teapublicans get off saying that people on the terrorist/no fly lists should be able to buy a damn gun?! I’m all for gun ownership but within freakin limits. And not denying these people weapons is nothing but pure freakin INSANITY!! When will these freaks get with the program and do the fuckin job they were elected to do and not sit there an commit treason? The G.O.P. is no longer the party of Lincoln, but the party of Treason.


In other news, just finished these since Saturday. That makes  16 rings waiting to be sold. Hopefully, I can have then online by the end of the week.


20151205_185256 20151205_185320

1947 Walking Liberty Silver, Size 13 Patina applied with gn bluing





2, Philippine 1 Peso coins. On the left, Size 8. On the right, size 8 3/4

Yesterday, there was yet another pointless mass shooting. This time at a Christmas party in San Bernardino carried out by a husband and wife that left 14 dead. When the hell will these freaking morons learn that killing innocent people is NEVER the answer? Like I have said before, I have nothing against someone owning a gun, but I have everything against a freaking moron, nutjob with issues owning even a damn pea shooter. There has been more mass shootings than days in the year for crying out loud, that right there should scare the hell out of anyone with one lick of common sense. And the pro gun fanatics can’t understand that the very right that they are so much in favor for is at risk for if this continues, instead of enacting common sense gun laws, the backlash will be so enormous that the people will demand that gns will be outlawed period!   And then, everyone will be screwed.

For the past two months I’ve been refining my coin rings. And unlike before, when centering them was a bitch, now that I can get the perfect center every time I have been making up for lost time. I’ve done 15 rings so far, $360.00 dollars worth, not counting a 3 ring, Kennedy half dollar set that I had an order for, two that I did for Michael and a Lincoln golden dollar coin that I did for someone. Below are a few of them. Once the case is full, I will pt them on etsy for sale.


20151008_072039  20151114_022727 20151115_020300 20151123_175020 20151128_022418 20151130_015255 20151130_080338 20151201_030032-1 20151203_083853-1 20151203_174915-1 20151203_223945 20151203_224001 20151203_230218