Yesterday, there was yet another pointless mass shooting. This time at a Christmas party in San Bernardino carried out by a husband and wife that left 14 dead. When the hell will these freaking morons learn that killing innocent people is NEVER the answer? Like I have said before, I have nothing against someone owning a gun, but I have everything against a freaking moron, nutjob with issues owning even a damn pea shooter. There has been more mass shootings than days in the year for crying out loud, that right there should scare the hell out of anyone with one lick of common sense. And the pro gun fanatics can’t understand that the very right that they are so much in favor for is at risk for if this continues, instead of enacting common sense gun laws, the backlash will be so enormous that the people will demand that gns will be outlawed period!   And then, everyone will be screwed.