First off, Where the hell does the Teapublicans get off saying that people on the terrorist/no fly lists should be able to buy a damn gun?! I’m all for gun ownership but within freakin limits. And not denying these people weapons is nothing but pure freakin INSANITY!! When will these freaks get with the program and do the fuckin job they were elected to do and not sit there an commit treason? The G.O.P. is no longer the party of Lincoln, but the party of Treason.


In other news, just finished these since Saturday. That makes  16 rings waiting to be sold. Hopefully, I can have then online by the end of the week.


20151205_185256 20151205_185320

1947 Walking Liberty Silver, Size 13 Patina applied with gn bluing





2, Philippine 1 Peso coins. On the left, Size 8. On the right, size 8 3/4