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Today would have been my brothers 65th birthday and he’s been on my mind all day. He had been in the hospital for a month before he died last year, but did that bitch say anything to me or my nephew, hell no. It was only after he died and was on his way to the oven that we found out. So there was no saying goodbye, no closure. At the wake, she had a table full of his stuff that she was giving away, the rest, including family heirlooms, she sent to auction without consulting anyone else in the family. Now before you say, well she was his wife after all, they had been seperated  for 2  years and were getting a divorce. She refused to allow either myself or my nephew even an ounce of his remains unless we paid her $1,600, so where he ended up at I don’t even know. She won’t even provide either one us with a copy of the will. So this weekend, is really playin with my mind.

We were 11 years &  5 days apart, so we would always find the most sarcastic birthday cards to send one another & call each other on our respective birthdays.  And when I turned 50 4 years ago, we got together and had a few.

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

Me and my brother out having a few drinks the night I turned 50. Jan. 28, 2012

It’s hard to heal when there is no place to grieve.


In other developments, I have cancelled the new website in favor of another web hosting company. A company that will allow a much better site overall. The downside is that it will be offline until the first week of Feb. In the meantime, I’m working on what might be called a “collectors set”, a set the would cover 4 rings, nickel, dime, quarter & half dollar. Hope to have the first set done by tonight.


A little training exercise

Why would a person make something this small you ask? Well, mainly as both a training exercise as well as a right of passage. Sooner or later, people who are really serious about making these rings try the smallest, thinnest, U.S. coin their is in order to gage ones skill. If you can do it, you can pretty much do any coin within reason. And if you can do it on the first try, which this was, you are in the top percent when it comes to skill level.


U.S. Dime Coin Ring  U.S. Dime Coin Ring size 4 1/5

2 more Silvers

Over the past few hours I’ve done 2 new 90% Silver rings. The first, is a 1952 Franklin Half Dollar, size 14 1/4.

1952 Franklin Half Dollar  2 1952 Franklin Half Dollar  3                                                              1952 Franklin Half Dollar


The second, is the first Barber Silver Half Dollar I’ve ever done and at 109 years, the oldest. And yes, I was very nervous when I was doing it.

1907 Barber half 2 1907 Barber half


The first one, is for my nephew, 1952 was his fathers birth year. As for the second one, I’ll either wear it myself, or sell it for $75. And not a penny less.


Well, in order to raise the money for the rest of the tools, supplies and booth fees that come with doing shows. I just launched a go fund me campaign. I was going to wait another couple weeks but today is what would have been my mothers 89th birthday, and being that she taught me most of what I know about artwork, I figured it was only fitting to do it today.

Ever be having a good day and then look at the calendar and notice the date? Today would have been my mothers 89th birthday. Hadn’t noticed the date until a few minutes ago. It’s been just over 5 years since she passed, and I had forgotten that her birthday was coming up. Not only that, but my brothers birthday is coming up in 8 days, the first since he died last year. Then, 5 days after that will be mine and Catherines. She wants it at the bowling alley again. As for what I’ll do, shoot pool of course over at her godparents. In the meantime though, will launch the go fund me campaign today, what better day to do it, make a ring that tomorrow I will leave on my mothers grave. And then, get as shit faced drunk as possible.


20160113_033906-1  Thought I might use this in advertising.


IMG_20160115_003339Costa Rican 100 Colones size 12 1/2


20160113_033906-1A new Kennedy 50 cent ring

Well, added 12 more rings to the new site and by the end of the week will have a few peace pipes on there as well. Got a hold of 8 more half dollars that I intend to ring this weekend when that new cone tool gets here as well as try to do a one ounce copper round again using it. Since I’ve been making rings, I find that I know longer see coins the same way as before. Now I wonder what different coins look like when ringed.