Ever be having a good day and then look at the calendar and notice the date? Today would have been my mothers 89th birthday. Hadn’t noticed the date until a few minutes ago. It’s been just over 5 years since she passed, and I had forgotten that her birthday was coming up. Not only that, but my brothers birthday is coming up in 8 days, the first since he died last year. Then, 5 days after that will be mine and Catherines. She wants it at the bowling alley again. As for what I’ll do, shoot pool of course over at her godparents. In the meantime though, will launch the go fund me campaign today, what better day to do it, make a ring that tomorrow I will leave on my mothers grave. And then, get as shit faced drunk as possible.


20160113_033906-1  Thought I might use this in advertising.


IMG_20160115_003339Costa Rican 100 Colones size 12 1/2


20160113_033906-1A new Kennedy 50 cent ring