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New listing added

Well, just added the peace dollar rings to the website. Had thought about listing them for $80 but with all the work that goes into them, $120 is far more closer to what the cost should be and that’s still about $30 cheaper than what others charge for the same exact coin.

Yet another coin falls

It took about an hour & a half, but I’ve done my first Peace Dollar. A 1922, size 13 1/4. As always, the first one is mine. Come tonight though, I will be taking orders for them on the website.


Also did my first penny, a 1976.


Come the 1st, will try my hand at the queen of all coin rings…..The Morgan Silver Dollar. Will also be ordering some half ounce and 1/4 ounce coppers as well as the silver version of the come & take it coin.

Some one told me that it is impossible to reduce a 1 oz.  copper coin below a size 10 as a ring. First off, NEVER tell me that something is impossible. For it assures that I’ll prove you wrong just for spite. As the picture shows, not only is it NOT impossible, I’m betting that I can reduce it 1 – 2 more sizes! I will then mill the inside of the reeded edge and the will give me the smallest size that they can be done and offered for sale as.


I’ve also have done a version of the Molon Labe, Come & Take It, copper. Which I’ll be posting for sale on the website later tonight.


The price on it will be $50.

Over the weekend I finally proved to myself that I can indeed do any coin with the making of my first 1oz. copper ring. It’s taken months to do it, but with the arrival this past Saturday of the rest of the steel dies I’ve needed, I finally succeeded in making one. This first one of course I’m keeping for myself, but I have more of the coins that will be made for sale and I have already posted them for sale on the new website for $50.00 a piece. And believe me, they are well worth it,


Apocalypze ring 2 Apocalypze ring 1

Getting things on track

Well, first off, the new website is up and running. And can be found at It is of course still in the early stages and I’ll be adding to it every week. Second, yesterday the first of 4 dies came that will allow me to do coins bigger than half dollars. At just under $50 a piece, including shipping, they are by no means cheap. But I’ve already been experimenting with both a 1976 “Ike” and a 1 oz. copper round, and the results are amazing so far.

20160204_153000-1 20160205_200702-1

Both are already more than half done. But, I can’t got any farther until I get the other 3 dies and the other sizing cones next week. So these will go on the shelf until then. I’ve waited almost 2 years to get to this point, I can certainly wait another week.