Well, first off, the new website is up and running. And can be found at http://www.standingbearartworks.com It is of course still in the early stages and I’ll be adding to it every week. Second, yesterday the first of 4 dies came that will allow me to do coins bigger than half dollars. At just under $50 a piece, including shipping, they are by no means cheap. But I’ve already been experimenting with both a 1976 “Ike” and a 1 oz. copper round, and the results are amazing so far.

20160204_153000-1 20160205_200702-1

Both are already more than half done. But, I can’t got any farther until I get the other 3 dies and the other sizing cones next week. So these will go on the shelf until then. I’ve waited almost 2 years to get to this point, I can certainly wait another week.