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Just added this to the website. The “Don’t Tread On Me” 1oz copper coin ring. Get them while they last.



Well, saw something today that got me thinking. A guy had the reflector from a worklight and made it into a simple lightbox. Well, I don’t have a light, but I did have a mixing bowl.

Simple lightbox

So, I tried several angles and after playing around a bit I was able to get this shot where the ring reflects.


Now I also had traded the other day an old silver quarter with a guy in Norway for this that got here just today.

20160307_133520 20160307_133601

It’s roughly the size of a fifty cent piece and .999 Silver. And to say that I’m a little nervous in doing it is an understatement. ┬áIf I can do it though, it should make one hell of a ring. The reason that he didn’t try it himself? He’s a newbie that has never done anything this size.